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Resolving Self Esteem Issues is Always Called For If You Want to Lose Some Weight

Posted Mar 14 2011 5:00am

There’s self-esteem and there’s self-esteem. The self-esteem you’ve built into yourself and generally carry around with you is one way to look at it. Another is that your self-esteem comes and goes as a result of the personal resources you have for coping with various situations. And yet another is that your pool of self-esteem is diminished or augmented by how you conduct yourself and cope with each of life’s tasks.

Complicated? Yup! Let’s break it down. When you want to lose excess weight, you enter the weight-loss process with a pool of well-developed self-esteem, your pool, the one you generally carry with you. Along comes your desire to lose some weight and all that this implies. Trying to lose unwanted weight tests your level of self-esteem doesn’t it? Do you have enough in your pool of good self-esteem to mount a successful weight-loss campaign? If not, then you probably won’t succeed.

Let’s assume that the pool you carry around with you is big enough. But will it carry you through the specific requirements needed for losing a lot of weight and maintaining weight loss?

One reason why your general self-esteem might not carry you through to your weight-loss goal is you’ll do everything in your power to protect it. This could mean you’ll defend your self-esteem by avoiding weight-loss steps that are necessary but too difficult for you. Example: “I should’ve gotten right back on after my diet cheat, but I didn’t want to feel bad about myself if I went off again.”

Probably the best way to approach this problem of keeping up your sense of self-esteem—no matter what—is to do what it takes to master the situation at hand. In this case, the steps to lose weight. Being able to do it is not something you either can or can’t. You maintain or improve your self-esteem by mastering something that’s difficult for you. This is so true if you have difficulty losing weight. You can learn weight-loss strategies, work on being motivated to lose weight, think about your own weight-loss psychology, and become skilled in maintaining weight loss.

Back to the beginning: There’s self-esteem and there’s self-esteem. As you can see, your self-esteem is not an all-or-none proposition. It’s a complicated phenomenon. But complicated or not, feeling good about yourself, even the pooled kind, is probably the result of having mastered life skills. And one of life’s most precious skills for a woman is to be able to manage her own body weight.


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