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Resolve: What Breaks Yours When You're Dieting?

Posted May 15 2009 11:30pm

by Maria' s Last Diet

Amanda couldn' t understand why the scale hadn' t budged. She had been dieting all week, hadn' t she...weighed, measured out portions, even took 3 twenty-minute walks. She had eaten all the fruit and veggies her diet plan called for. She had even gotten fresh fish to grill, a treat for herself. She had been good for 7 days.

What Amanda conveniently forgot - hid, even from herself - were those little episodes of eating secretly. It came so naturally to her to do this, that she didn' t even register it in her mind. There was the night she finished the brownies. Then the morning when her son left a waffle on his breakfast plate, which she stuffed down without a thought.

Oh, and also the lunch at her neighborhood cafe with her best friend, Cloie - she went ahead and ordered her favorite honey-bun, and then promptly forgot she did it.

Do you have a problem with secret eating? If not, what are your weight issues?

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