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Research results are for sale!

Posted by Tamar F.

According to Experience Life Magazine, the “Ivory Tower is for sale”! So many of those diet “studies” that you read about are paid for by giant food companies. Researchers took a careful look at over 10,000 studies conducted in 2003 and found that favorable benefits were “found” 4-8 times more frequently in studies backed by the food industry. Even the large research universities, such as the University of Tennessee, find that their research has been influenced by companies. Remember their study that said drinking milk made people lost weight? It was backed by the National Dairy Council and nobody else has ever been able to replicate the results. The government made the council tone down those misleading ads.

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Keep in mind that this also happens when researchers are studying the effects of pharmaceuticals. Exercise has been proven to be as effective in managing depression as anti-depressants, but will you see that pushed? Well, not unless the pharmaceutical companies suddenly get into the fitness club business.
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