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Posted Nov 27 2011 5:18pm


Do you know how much do you spend in your lunch meals?


"Before Shakeology, I was spending  $200.00 per month,  only  in my lunch meals. This number brakes down in the average of $6.50 for lunch during the week days, and about $15 and $22 per plate during the weekends. Now I'm only spending  $3.20 for lunch, every day."


If you think that Shakeology is a shake to lose weight, like other weight loss products, then it's too expensive for you.  So, your're right, you don't need to pay that much for a drink to lose weight. It will be like any other silly magic pills that never work. 

However, please tell me if you get identified with some of the following situations:

§ If you want to have an economic alternative for your breakfast or lunch.

§ If you want to start with a plan to lose weight that includes diet and exercise.

§ To dispose of the stored fat.

§ If you are interested in finding a rich food on the palate, but without the grams of sugar or fat in excess.

§ If you would like to feel more energized and alert during the day, without side effects of caffeine.

§ If you are in an exercise program and want to improve in your eating habits.

§ If you want to eliminate from your diet junk food (fast foods).

§ If you want to control cravings in the evenings, with a completely healthy snack.

§ If you want to prevent heart attacks, hypertension, coronary heart disease and stroke and regulate your digestive system.

§ If you want to improve your lifestyle, you should take Shakeology daily!

In the affirmative to 5 or more of the above statements, ask me about how to enroll in the  Shakeology Nutritionals Program.

What is Shakeology Nutritional Program:

Many people describe Shakeology but they forget that Shakeology is a nutritional program that has, not only this supplement.  It has nutritional guidelines, and a personal coach that will train you to get the results that you are looking for. Check my results here:

This “Superfood” helps your body to gradually remove toxins more efficiently while allowing a better absorption of essential nutrients you need. It is a blend of vitamins, antioxidants, digestive enzymes, which will make your body to absorb better meals and gives you a sensasion of fullness while you eat.

We have not said is a remedy for weight loss. It is much more than that. You would be able to get in your best shape ever. Only if you so desire!

Why is it expensive?

If you were to buy fruits, vegetables, vitamins, antioxidants, digestive enzymes, you would spend about $40 daily; we are talking about more than $1,200.00 monthly. If you were to pay someone to coach you, on a daily basis, you would spend about $900.00 monthly ($30 per hour).

Since Shakeology is designed for use on a daily basis, but also includes nutritional program, and the coach. You pay ONLY $120 per month. If you are a member you can have up to 25% discount; end even getting paid! A win-win situation, right?

100% of your Money Back:

Many people pay hundreds of dollars on anti-aging creams, hormones, and other quick weight loss remedies. None of those treatments are guaranteed. Shakeology has a 100% money back warranty.  You only pay if you like it. A win-win situation, right?


Ask me for YOUR free sample!

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