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Renewal: Late Night Free Flowing

Posted Aug 06 2009 11:32pm
Tonight marked a minor victory for me. I was craving popcorn, 240 calories of popcorn. But I didn't eat it because that would have been 240 calories over my limit. It's small snackapoos here and there that really add up and put a dent in your deficit.

I'm working on controlling those impulses to eat before thinking. Think consciously about your food choices; don't let your cravings make all the decisions. If only I hadn't had that juicy lucy burger and that Dairy Queen Brownie Earthquake on Saturday. IF only! Then I wouldn't have had to work my ass off the past three days to get back to where I was before the binge happened. IF only I had thought about my decisions.

Turning off that brain when dieting is a no no. Focus. Focus Focus. Keep your eye on the prize as they say. Yes, I've gotta tell myself these things everyday if I want to get over this plateau.

Hey, you know, I keep obsessing about the stupid scale. AND MAN, has it been a huge downer. I'm done with putting so much emphasis on a number. Really, I am. Yes, I will weigh myself once every week or two, but I'm gonna try not to give too much of a shit. I know I'm getting in better shape everyday, and I know that my clothes keep getting looser with each calorie I burn.

You know what's pretty cool? I've managed to lose almost 100 pounds in 14 months, and I've been pretty good about not gaining weight, so I'm gonna stay positive and feel good about my accomplishment.

This is not a race to the finish line. This is not a race to the finish line. This is not a race to the finish line. Take it slow, take it easy, and enjoy the ride.

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