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Remembering or Regretting

Posted Mar 12 2010 2:24am

Struggling with our weight can be frustrating, depressing, infuriating, and annoying. I felt all of those emotions and many more. I felt like I had failed my family because I was always so tired that I didn’t want to do much of anything – especially if it required physical stamina. I felt like I had failed spiritually. And I felt like I had failed myself.

It was hard.

Those obese years are ones that I could look back on with so much regret that it paralyzes me. And honestly, for a while I did. I spent a lot of time regretting what I had missed, and regretting what I may have accomplished if I hadn’t allowed myself to get so big. Fortunately, that period of regret didn’t last very long and I was able to put the regret behind me and accept the fact that those years were still good for me and my family, even if they weren’t perfect. After all – who has a perfect life?!

Regretting isn’t very positive, but remembering is. I like to remember some of the hard times I faced as a morbidly obese woman because those memories help me stay focused and on track. When I remember some of those difficult times I know for certain that I never want to be that big again. This helps me when:

I think I don’t want to work out.

I am tempted to eat more than a small portion of dessert.

When the chips are calling my name.

When I’m faced with the choice to be active or sit down.

More often than not I get off the chair and move away from the brownies. Just as I moved away from obesity, I have learned that moving away from temptation and moving towards good choices and more activity is a good thing.

Do you think it’s good to remember where you came from or is it better to try and forget those years?  Diane

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