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Reintroducing body to Visalus again...

Posted Oct 26 2011 8:52am
Hey everyone. So since I have been feeling better these days, decided to put back into my diet my visalus shakes. I just really liked how they always made me feel good, control my appetite, and how they just overall replenished my body with their mutli vitamin and mineral part of them!

I will not however push myself at the gym anymore. I have obviously come to realize that obviously my body cannot handle that pressure like it used to. And thats ok. I am not upset about it really. As long as I keep moving even if low impact, I will continue to lose! Thats the greatest thing about dont even have to exercise if you choose not to. It obviously really good if you do..not only for weightloss but for your body in general and your well being..but if you cannot, or if you are limited to exercise physically for different reasons...well thats ok.

I will still continue to go to weightwatchers for my weigh ins giving me that extra accountability, and will also still include a little more food. Perhaps using their points along with the shakes to make sure physically I am getting enough food as well for continued real long term loss.

I noticed being off of them however, just wanted to point out, that my breakfasts were starting to get out of control again. Meaning more carbs, and setting my morning off WRONG making me want more carbs throughout the day and more food! I dont like that. And I missed the simplicity of taking the shake in the morning. When you have things to do like getting lunches ready for school, getting the kids just WORKS best to have that shake. Alot of us eat also under stress, so to elliminate that by having your shake at 7 am..curbing your appetite and feeling balanced you are LESS likely to overeat and it just starts your day off RIGHT allowing you to then have a better day. For me anyways.

So thats pretty much it. So back on Vi today. Will keep you posted!
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