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Reflections on eating

Posted Aug 07 2009 7:15pm
i mentioned this to a friend the other day, that part of why we are not losing is what we are eating and not exercising. basic? ya but sometimes we just CAN'T do the basics (our 5 rules for our clinic).

its not brain surgery, its just making subs, my old manager at subway told me when i was hired. ok so that analogy can work here too, my wls friends and readers; tiz not brain surgery, its just following 5 simple rules. and i will be the first to admit im NOT perfect at it, by far, but i think realizing is a good portion of the battle. aa members admit they have a problem, which is a good start; so i do admit, i have problems, snacking and exercising. the rest i think i am doing ok at (vitamins, fluids and protein first), most times that is :)

Obviously if we (me or anyone else I know or you know or you for that matter) eat carbs that don't provide us with protein and fuel that our bodies now need, we aren't gonna lose weight, we may gain and we will be unhappy! 

Same goes for not exercising. ive been wearing my exercise clothes all day long and been busy and hope to get it in tonite b4 bed. if i don't exercise, i won't lose weight or stay or become toned, and of course be unhappy.

Ive heard and said myself, about every excuse there is in the books, or on the planet. but folks, thinking about exercising ain't gonna cut it! looking at the treadmill or the ball or the weights ain't gonna either.

getting off our a-double-s's and  ACTUALLY MOVING will help us. walking is an awesome exercise, so is swimming, i have friends who have pools and don't use them. not saying i would if i had one but i HOPE i would!!!! maybe i need to take some friends up on their offer to use their pools....

ok enuf babble for now. not much left for me to give up cept the carbs, i will do that but wanna work on what ive done now and keep not trying stuf (almost took a spoonful of dd's ice cream today then caught myself saying I DON'T EAT SUGAR!!!!) I gotta think and remember what I have given up recently (soda and sugar) and get that in my head as DON'T TOUCH THOSE!

Have a great weekend, dh and i are going to the brewer game tomorrow so i will get lots o walking in for sure!

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