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Rediscover Your World - WonderBra Women of Wonder

Posted Oct 16 2010 2:30pm
Mission #1 = Accomplished!

This week's mission was about exploring another country's cuisine by taking a cooking class with my husband. I had always wanted to take a cooking class and WonderBra made that happen for me :)

They suggested a bunch of options where I could take the class, but one stood out: Marni Wasserman's . Her healthy approach to cooking was just in line with what I am doing with this blog - learn ways to get healthier by cooking more healthy home made food, among other things :)

Unfortunately, I had to schedule the class in the afternoon and since S ended up having to go back to work he wasn't be able to attend... Between him and me I'm the one who could use the class more (he's actually a great cook!!) so I thought it would be fun to do the class on my own and then serve him the food I learned to make when he got home from work :)

I have to be honest with you - I was SOOOOO nervous to do the mission. This would be my very first day on my own at home with Baby L, I would get a guest and have to cook and document the whole thing -  all at the same time... Marni was great at helping me with the whole situation - she directed the class in a way that would let me stop whenever Baby L was interrupting, and whenever I couldn't put my hands in the dough because I was holding Baby L, she would take over and explain what she was doing... She even took the camera and shot a few images of me, cooking away :) Phew!

Here's what we made
Yin Yang Miso Soup

Arame Soba Noodle Salad

Tangy Teriyaki Stir-Fry

Here's my video of the mission - please note that the links I am referring to in the video are available in the Youtube description and also at the bottom of this post - I thought I could add them within the video (you can't do that on Youtube, oops!) which is why I keep saying click here lol Also, please forgive the poor framing of some of these shots, if I am alone to set up the video next time, I'll take the time to make sure the camera is set properly - I was just too nervous this time :)

It was so nice in the end to be able to say that I did it!! :) I learned a lot too - from new ingredients to cooking tips and meal planning tips... It was really fun and informative - and at the end I had dinner ready for the husband and I - tasty and healthy food - the best! It was pretty easy to make too - I can definitely easily recreate it now that I've seen the whole process of making it during the class... And it made quite a good amount of food - enough for a few days worth of lunches. 

Here are the links mentioned in the video:
Women of Wonder on Facebook
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