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Recipe Review - Apple, Fennel, Beet Salad (Surreal Gourmet)

Posted Jan 27 2009 8:18pm

If I could sound like Chef Ramsey here and curse and swear I would. Yuuuuuck, yuuck yuck! Of all of the things I've watched being made on the Food Network the past couple of days and why I decided on trying this one I'll never know! lol For anyone who might think they may actually like this, I'll still post the recipe for you. I think the main reason why I didn't like it was because of the blue cheese. If I left it out and put another kind in, or went waaaay lighter on it, it would have been better. It came from one of those shows where they didn't measure, so my guestimation obviously was not right!

1 fennel bulb, cored and grated
1 fresh beet, peeled and grated
1 apple, peeled and grated
1/3c pecans (I think they used more and it likely makes a difference)
maple syrup (I used the no added sugar E.D. Smith)
blue cheese (I put in 60g of the crumbled)
fresh mint, chopped (a few tablespoons)
3 tsp EVOO (I think they used way more)
1 tsp balsamic vinegar (I think they used way more)
Salt and Pepper
  1. Coat pecans with maple syrup and roast in oven until candied;
  2. Mix apple, fennel and beet (when ready to serve);
  3. Add blue cheese, candied pecans; EVOO, balsamic vinegar, mint; and
  4. Season with S&P
So I'm pretty sure their version would have tasted better because they douse everything with EVOO like it's goin' out of style and my WW heart just couldn't do it. And I'm pretty sure they loaded up on the candied pecans too. I said I wasn't going to modify the ingredients, but I couldn't help it! I HAD to try to make it more points-friendly! So it didn't end up being worth the points for me, even though it would have been a perfectly healthy salad. I believe it was 4 points for 1/4 of the salad.
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