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Recipe For A Healthier Cereal

Posted Oct 16 2012 9:46am

What did you nosh on this morning? A huge trough of Fruit Loops … Or are you the type to tote a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch around with you throughout the day?

Sorry to be the GRIMM REAPER OF FOOD but… those cereals among many others that line grocery store shelves are, well… scarier than some of the costumes you may see on Halloween !

Atrocious amounts of sugar, sneaky, hidden trans fatty acids , fiberless carbohydrates and added fillers all hide in these processed foods and contribute to that “muffin top”, “bagel butt” and “donut thighs” you don’t want.

If you weren’t planning on being a human cinnamon bun for Halloween… 

Watch the latest episode on how to pick a HEALTHIER cereal, if you must eat cereal at all!

Mmm… Scrumptious! GiGi Eats Celebrities (or I guess  Groceries  today)!


Although who can resist these fruity bombs!? They are fruity… So does that qualify as eating fruit? NO!

Head on over to the  GiGi Eats Celebrities YouTube channel  and subscribe!

Take a gander at what I really think  the ideal diet and exercise plan  is.

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