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Recent Eats

Posted Jul 19 2013 6:59am
Hello! I am back from my week of working away, and I am exhausted. Working in a tent in this heat was hard work, I'm not going to lie, and I think the heat has really taken it out of me, so since I've been back I've done a whole lot of nothing really, which is ideal in this weather.

Today I thought I'd do a bit of a photo dump post, and just share with you the things I've been eating recently. To be honest I've been doing a whole lot of eating: there have been a lot of meals out! I did try and do my best and went for healthy options, and avoided grease, but I think the fact that I was drinking about three large glasses of wine every evening while I was away really took their toll too.

Needless to say the food has taken a toll on my waist lie, and I returned to weigh myself for the first time in two weeks and saw a gain of 3.8 pounds. This basically undoes my 'progress' of the past three months. I'm really frustrated at both my slow weight loss  over the past few months, but also at my recent gain, so as of Wednesday I am totally dialling it up. I shall write about my current plan of action again this week, but for now lets drool over the amazing food I've been eating recently, as it is all leafy greens and nuts for the next few weeks!

Of course there was a BBQ at a friends house a few weeks ago, and I bought some lovely gluten free burgers with me which I ate in a leaf wrap with some barbecued pineapple. I've actually not had a BBQ since we've had this recent hot weather, mostly because I haven't been home. Hopefully I'll have the chance to remedy that this weekend!

I was slightly disappointed because it was only after I left the butchers that I realised the sausages he had given me were frozen. I'd ordered the gluten free BBQ pack two days in advance, so I definitely expected them to be fresh! This meant that they weren't defrosted in time for the BBQ, but thankfully this meant that we could have sausage and egg for breakfast the next morning. Every cloud has a silver lining I suppose!

While I was at my local health food shop these Kale chips caught my eye: I've not had them in years, and I don't think I've had this flavour before. When I picked them up, I made a half arsed attempt to look for a price, but couldn't spot one, and so I put them in my basket regardless. It was only when I got home that I saw a sticker saying they were £4!!! Needless to say I will be paying a bit more attention next time I'm at the health food shop, and making my own kale hips!

I also bought a Ginger and Orange Raw Choc Pie . The last time I had one of these was way back when I started this blog. Of course I shared it with Iestyn alongside some black coffee: very rich, but a great treat.

When I was in Newport for an interview a few weeks ago I popped into Starbucks for lunch and I was pleasantly surprised as they had a new range of salads. I had a Mexican salad which contained guacamole of obviously I loved it. I also had a small iced latte.                                                                              

That same weekend Iestyn made me a lovely salad for lunch: so colourful!

Now onto the pictures of what I've been eating while working away in Llangollen. On the first evening I ordered a lovely steak, but asked for extra vegetables rather than chips: let me just polish my halo!

The second night was also quite saintly as I had a lovely hot smoked Salmon salad. Nice, but nothing special.

After such a light dinner I did cave and have sorbet for dessert: my favourite was the raspberry flavour, very tangy!

The wether, as you all know, was super hot so I had bare upper arms and bare legs. Not going to lie, I felt pretty exposed, I'm not used to showing so much flesh. A week later I am starting to get used to it though.

I went for a meat platter one evening which was great and perfect in this warm weather.

The above was a lamb and date tagine with tabbouleh and flat bread. This was my favourite meal of the week, the tagine was full of flavour, and the dates added a lovely sweetness. I hope to try and recreate this!

I quickly realised that the food at the eisteddfod wasn't my usual food, and I didn't really fancy fish and chips or pie and mash for lunch, so I made sure to pick a salad up at the Co-Op. I twice had the above mackerel salad which was lovely, I especially loved the pomegranate!

I did opt to eat on the field once, and I went for tandoori chicken with salad and cucumber dip in a naan bread, which I really enjoyed. However the best bit was the mango lassi, I wish I'd discovered these earlier on in the week, they would of kept me going in the heat!

My favourite sandwich was the cheese with a tomato relish, not something I would normally go for but it tasted lovely. We both felt very posh when eating the cucumber sandwiches too!

The scones where actually a bit of a disappointment as I found them to be quite dry, so we cut off most of the crusts and slathered them with jam and clotted cream.

When we reached the top of the tier we had to admit defeat as we were far too full, so we got a takeaway box for our cupcakes. I'd chosen the salted caramel cupcake- naturally- which I ate later on and it was absolutely gorgeous, I loved the salted caramel centre!

I think pictures of cupcakes are a great way to end the post, don't you think?! In my next food dump post there will definitely be no cakes or bread, just a lot of fresh fruit and veg and lean meats: I'm on day three already and feeling great!

How do you handle staying on track when away from your usual routine? I have to say that I didn't really follow any of my own advice this time, I usually try and take a few snacks with me, although I did buy fruit, nuts and dried apricots once I got there. Drinking wine is not usually part of my routine, but it was a social thing and I didn't over do it, so I just went to it. Of course I went with the best intentions, I took my running kit with me, but when I coupled the hot weather with a few glasses of wine in the evening, I decided that a week off would be the best plan of action!

Have a great weekend everyone!
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