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Rebel Without a Cause

Posted May 02 2010 12:00am
So I've totally decided to pick and choose from the selected menu items from both this month's issue of Clean Eating and the Jan/Feb issue I have. There's no rhyme or reason... I just pick what sound appetizing and work it. With that said, I've also come up with a few menu items of my own.

Yesterday's afternoon snack called for a Vanilla Fruit Smoothie. I don't keep protein powder around... I don't like powders of any sort. Remember my Amazing Grass fiasco ? Anyway, I picked up some Vega powder...

I made the Vanilla Fruit Smoothie... The Verdict: NASTY AS HELL! Oh dear goodness, I strongly dislike powders of any sort in my drinks. What a chalky, unnatural tasting thing to do to a delicious smoothie. I'm not knocking the brand because it doesn't seem to matter what brand I put in my smoothie, I just don't fancy the taste.

Instead I moved onto a snack of my own...

Grapes + 2 Rye Lavash Crackers (OMG In love with these) + Jalapeno Hummus (NASTY) drizzled with 1 tsp of Olive Oil... imported from Italy for a family friend's wedding (it's totally high class). I ended up leaving the hummus alone... I love hummus but this flavour was just not happening for me.

According to the menu plan, I was supposed to have Oatmeal for breakfast but I really wasn't feeling it. I really wanted eggs so I decided to create my own eggs benedict(ish) thing with a side of grapefruit.

1/2 Sandwich thin + Sliced Turkey + 1 Poached egg + Sauteed Mushrooms and Scallions + Tobasco.

What a delightful breakfast. I was full for hours!

Snack was supposed to be cottage cheese with grapes but that wasn't flying so I decided to find something else.

Sweet Potato Chips!

1 POINT for all of those... I bet I could've had more but that was all I cooked. I weighed them to be sure. SO FREAKIN' YUMMY. Why is it that I think I can get better food from the window of my car when I make delicious simple cheap meals at home? I'm nutso.

Remember the Salmon and Artichoke Quesadilla's Andrea made? I decided to make a sandwich version as my lupper today.

I didn't have any artichokes or laughing cow cheese so I used some low-fat herb and garlic cream cheese and added mushrooms and red bell peppers. This sammie kicked some serioius ass. Clean Eating... there are no words.

Tomorrow is going to be interesting. I'll be out of the office all day at a conference where they're feeding us. I think I'm just going to have to go with it. I gotta give it my all this week no matter what situations arise.

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