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Real World Healthy Eating Travel Tips

Posted Sep 13 2009 10:57pm

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This weeks Munday’s Motivation takes a different twist because I want to share with you something that happened to me on the weekend that I can guarantee every single one of us has had to deal with at some stage or another.

So my healthy eating travel tips for real world situations will give you your weekly dose of motivation.

We headed up the F3 to Newcastle on Saturday for meetings about all things wedding – you know, meeting the celebrant, flower lady and cake lady all in one big day.

We stopped off at a cafe for lunch and the menu looked pretty inviting. It would have been easy to destroy a burger and chips but I knew that wouldn’t exactly keep me on my game plan (besides I knew I was having a few cheat meals on Sunday that I was saving up for).

There's always a better option than a burger and fries

There's always a better option than a burger and fries

The menu didn’t have any salad options and besides I felt like something a little more substantial so I opted for a Lavash (wrap bread) filled with plenty of vegetables and I got some chicken breast thrown in too.

Now you may have gasped in horror that I actually ate something that was like bread – even if it was only a thin wrap but this is my point.

I saw it as a smarter choice.

Sure it’s not something that I’d eat for lunch every single day but this is the point here.

Sometimes you’re on the road and you don’t always have the smartest, or best, option available to you.

Yes, it would’ve been possible to try and manipulate the menu around a little and just got this and that altered but I did it to show you that you can still keep on track when dining out for lunch.

In the case of what was in front of me with the menu, the wrap was the smartest option.

It was definitely a lot smarter than having the exact same ingredients with Turkish bread which was the other alternative.

It was definitely smarter than having the burger and chips or fish and chips for that matter.

It was the smartest thing on the menu.

Sometimes you have to still pat yourself on the back for taking a smarter option even if it is not something that you would prepare yourself.

It was definitely the lesser of all the potential evils.

The vegetables were really filling – more so than a salad would have been, and the wrap bread was really thin so it did limited damage.

Best thing was I got to enjoy my cheat lunch yesterday as well!

The other thing I managed to avoid (and save a few calories on) was the almost customary habit of having a soft drink with lunch. I managed to stick to water and my long black coffee.

That’s another bonus calorie saving tip for you – turf the soft drink and stick to water or a black coffee or green tea.

Just some food for thought for you to think about next time you’re on the road and need some healthy eating travel tips.

Okay, so you want some words of motivation anyway? I’m feeling charitable so here it is:

“Remove the word CAN’T from your vocabulary. It is the dirtiest of all the four letter words. Replace that word and you will talk yourself into success with your new found belief patterns”.

This is one of my quotes so instead of borrowing someone else’s this week you can have one straight from the horses mouth!

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