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Real Estate & Skin Removal Surgery Have Something In Common?

Posted Jan 17 2013 3:23am
Hi all!

I have been brainstorming and I need your help. I haven't officially put anything together yet but will be working over the next few weeks on a plan and wanted to share with you now what I am working on.

I don't usually mix business with my personal life but at this point I sort of need to. I work in the Real Estate business and have my Real Estate license and I need skin removal. How are the two connected? Well, if you refer business to me, I get paid and I can pay for my skin removal. It is that EASY!

How does this referral fee thing work?
So, for example you are moving from North Carolina to Arizona. I refer you to an agent in North Carolina to sell your home and I refer you to another agent in Arizona to help you buy a home. I get two referral fees helping me with my skin removal surgery and you get two of the best agents in the area. Plus there may be another perk for YOU which I'm working on. That is one example but I can receive a referral fee no matter where you are moving. This referral fee is NOT paid by you. This is no cost to you and absolutely FREE to you.. The agent I refer you to pays me a percentage of their commission. Please don't forget about me!

What are the benefits of referring Real Estate business to Shanda?
Firstly, I have over 14 years in the business. So I have quite a bit of experience. My current day to day job title is Office Manager, Transaction Coordinator and Short Sale Negotiator. So basically my job is to facilitate the transaction (and paperwork) and make sure it closes! I help you out by overseeing  the transaction. This means keeping in touch with the agent I referred to you to make sure your (or your friends and family) transaction moves forward smoothly. If you have questions or concerns I'm always available. I will make sure you have the best Realtor in your area as I have a large network of different Realtors in every area. I also pre-screen Realtors for you. If you want a choice of two then I can interview them over the phone. Again this is FREE for you. If you are referring business within the San Diego area either myself or one of my associates will take care of you. I try to keep the process easy for you since it can be a stressful but rewarding process.

Again, I've never been one to promote my business to friends and family let alone people I barely know but I figure we all make a living and this is what I do and how YOU can help me in paying for my very expensive skin removal surgery. I have to ask at this point. So rather than asking you for money this is another way you can help donate money without paying a penny.

My plan is to meet with the plastic surgeon towards the end of the year and now I need to have my finances worked out by then that is why I am doing this now. Of course, this offer stands good FOREVER. I'm always grateful for Referrals!

I'm very scared and excited about this skin removal surgery. Everyone I talk to says it is very painful. I just hope I have good drugs to get me through the pain. Also I know pain is temporary. So I know it is one day at a time and at some point I will be pain free. But I am excited to have all this saggy skin removed so I can not only feel better about the way I look but be able to fit into clothes better. I have a very hard time finding clothes that fit because my waist is thin but my hips and stomach have so much skin that I need to accommodate  It gets very frustrating. I've never ever been one for plastic surgery but at this point it is necessary not only psychologically but also physically. I get rashes in between the folds of the hanging skin which is not pleasant. I'm sure some of you reading this can relate.

Please share this blog with anyone and everyone. The more the merrier! Also, continue to look for updates as I finalize my plans and what "prizes" you will get for referrals.

I'm hoping to have 300 pounds gone by the end of February. That is my goal so I am going to focus and commit to that! Thank you all for reading and for your support.

Warmest Regards,
Healthy Shanda

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