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Reached Your Goal Weight. Woops! Gaining Weight Back. Need Help.

Posted Jul 09 2013 5:00am

Put this under having a relapse.

When are you most likely to relapse—and return to your old ways of eating too much food and eating too many calorie-rich foods? It’s when you’ve beaten the odds and lost all of your unwanted weight. It’s when you least expect to regain all that lost weight.

Trying to maintain lost weight is having to fly free, free from all the reinforcement and reward you’ve gotten from dieting and losing your excess weight. In the maintenance phase, the reinforcement and reward just aren’t there the way they are when you’re dieting and the pounds are coming off, and you hit milestone after milestone.

Preventing a relapse to your old ways while you are maintaining your weight will mean that you will have to develop new reinforcements and rewards for maintaining. Can you think of how you might reinforce and reward your maintaining behavior?

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