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Rate my Meals – 2010-02-11

Posted Feb 12 2010 2:57am

Posting this a little later than normal but I was out later last night than I was planning – my son needed to be picked up from skiingand it took longer than expected to round him up. By the time I found him and got him safely home I had time for a late night snack and then bedtime – but I think I tweeted every meal throughout the day so if you follow me on Twitter you already knew what fascinating food I had eaten on this day. That is if you either have 1 person you follow or you are on Twitter 24 hours a day. Otherwise my updates pretty much would get lost. That's one thing I don't link about Twitter.

Anywayon to my meals for the day

My Food

Breakfast was oatmeal with a splash of milk (I should clarify here that I am currently going through a box of Quaker Instant Oatmeal with Raisins & Spice or something like thatso not pure oatmeal but pretty close. I've found these packets work pretty well. If I make straight oatmeal I tend to load it up with brown sugar)slice of english muffin bread with peanut buttera cup of pineapple and a plum.

I travel around to a bunch of different offices so you'll find some inconsistency in my lunch habitsbut where I was yesterday we have a small cafeteria with a salad bar so for lunch I had a salad with arugulagarbanzo beansolivestomatoes and fat free french dressing. On the side were some pickled beetsa few pieces of fake seafood crab legs and a small bit of pasta salad. An orange and yogurt completed the meal.

Drive time snack of a protein barthen for dinner I had leftovers from my wife's meal at Buffalo Wild Wings – almost a half of a chicken wrap (those bites were hersnot mine)a few chicken piecesa cup of pineapple and a bowl of french onion soup. Late night snack of a bunch of grapes.

A few pieces of gumpretty good on water.

So how do you think I did? Click a star!

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Rate my Meals – 2010-02-11

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