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Posted Nov 17 2008 8:58pm
The week went by so fast, I am not sure what I even did. I was super busy at work, which is why it went by so fast. Living in Michigan and being busy at work is a good thing these days, so I wont complain. Here are some of my random thoughts on my week. (I am following it with some random pictures).

The hernia/muscle/appendix thing is still kind of there, but not extremely hurting, I promise to take care of it some day soon.

I have a wedding shower to go to on Mother's Day, which totally sucks and I am pretty upset about going to that instead of spending the day with my kids.

I cannot believe that Mariah Carey married Nick Cannon......I am not even sure what else to say about that.

Jakob played an amazing soccer game today, I am super proud of him, I am not just waiting for him to score his first goal.

My mother in law and I haven't been getting along for about 2 weeks now, and it has been a challenge for me to be even be around her at this point. I believe she feels the same about me.

My baby is getting so big everyday. I love the way she looks at me, she has total unconditional love for me and me for her. Being a mother is such an amazing experience, I try to cherish every moment, but the time is going by so fast, the other day I started crying just thinking of her getting married some day.

I have been listening to a lot of Country music this week, which for me, is so out of character.

As far as my weight situation, at the moment, I am at a total stand still. I have done nothing this week to help with my weight journey. I tell myself that I am too busy, but that is when I find myself eating the worst. I feel absolutely disgusting right now.

I saw the movie 27 Dresses the other night, and I thought it was very cute. I am a sucker for these kinds of chick flicks and I love Katherine Heigl. (Speaking of which I thought Greys Anatomy was great this week, made me cry......again).

Here are my random pics:

Here is Ani with her first taste of ice cream.

Here is her first taste of bread (she just grabbed it from the table)

Jakob after he found his Easter basket

Having an "egg fight" with his cousin.

Ani with her first egg. (Jakob colored it for her)

Adriana's first Easter........

Jakob "working" at the ice cream store

Jake reading to his baby sister
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