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Rabbito vs Ori

Posted Apr 22 2010 12:00am
In one corner of the ring there was Rabbito, the daring Broccoli that possessed the incredible one-two floret spin.

His opponent, Ori, the oreo who was known all across the land for his famous sugar wave attack was definitely one tough cookie (hehe).

Refrigerator stadium was packed for this special championship event! Rabbito fans were waving their v8 juice boxes in the air, splashing red streams of that nasty shit all over the ground. On the opposite side of the arena, Ori fans were ferociously munching on Nabisco products, anxiously waiting for the fight to begin.

"Alright, guys. I want a good clean fight with honesty and integrity. Ok? Alright. Alright." The referee guy said as he raised his right arm into the air.


The referee guy's hand came down in a fierce manner, and the fight officially was on.

"Look you punk ass negative calorie bitch, I'm gonna send you to buttery hell!" Ori exclaimed as he popped his arms and legs into his cookie shell and began charging up an attack.

"Ohohohoho! You think you have what it takes to turn me into mush?" Rabbito said while sprinkling florets all over the ring, "Bring it on!"

Rabbito jumped into the air and began to vacuum up an incredible amount of sunlight. His body started to turn golden and the arena felt about ten degrees (fahrenheit) hotter.

While still airborn, spinach leaves started to grow out of Rabbito's head.

Ori grinned and said, "while you are still charging up your lame ass attack, I will use this chance to make you into a yummy salad with lots of RANCH DRESSING FULL CALORIES! AIYIYIYIYIYIYIYIYIYIYIYIIYIYYIIYYIAYIAYIIA. Roller Double Stuffed Smash!"

Ori began zooming  towards Rabbito like a hockey puck that was just hit by a Wayne Gretzcky type of hockey player (very fast and spinning!).  Unfortunately for Ori, when he made contact with Rabbito, he wasn't able to even dent even one floret on Rabbito's body. 

"What...What are You!" Ori screamed as he bounced back and was taken out of hockey puck form.

"Why, I am the angel of good health, you grumpy pants!" Rabbito smiled.

It seemed that Rabbito was done charging his energy from the sun.  All kinds of vegetables had grown all over Rabbito's body, such as cucumbers and carrots, and even some tasty romaine lettuce!

"I am done charging the energy from the sun, Ori. You will be a crumbled cookie after I am done with you! MWHAWHAHAH. Salad Flaring Ball of Wrath!"

All of the vegetables that had grown out of Rabbito began to disconnect from his body and float in midair like some sort of telekinetic power (think magneto!). The vegetables formed into a tightly shaped ball and shot straight at Ori.

BOOM BOOM BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pieces of vegetables dropped down from the sky like confetti on Cinco De Mayoz and Ori was knocked out.

The panda became sleepy and wanted to end the story. Everyone was happy, especially Rabbito who thought that the panda really needed to get a life.

The End.
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