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"I'm goin' for a ride on my bike."

Posted Jan 27 2009 8:15pm
The "idea" sounds so fun, doesn't it?! I imagine coasting down the hills, wind in my face, lolipops and gummy bears and all that. This is because I haven't really driven a bike since my childhood. I bought one this summer, but really haven't driven it much at all.

All I can say is:
  1. It's not how I remembered it;
  2. My butt bones hurt like nobody's business;
  3. I started looking at my watch at about 4 minutes into it, while simultaneously trying not to crash;
  4. I look like a dork in a bike helmet and hubby thinks it's hilarious;
  5. I got nautious because I went directly after supper without waiting because it would soon be dark outside - lesson learned - bike then supper;
  6. It was fun exploring parts of my sub-division I never see;
  7. There are more hills than I realized;
  8. It's a beautiful time of year to ride your bike;
  9. It was really hard work, but I'm going to torture myself with it again tonight.
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