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"Don't wait for tomorrow what you can do today."

Posted Jan 27 2009 8:17pm
Said Abe Lincoln or someone really wise. This is the key to success in a nutshell.

So keeping that in mind, FH and I decided to head down to my Dad's place last night rather than this morning and we got soooooooooo much done already (helping him get settled into his new house for those of you who missed that in previous posts). If we didn't come last night, we'd just be on the road on our way here still. Instead, we got the new spare bedroom set up, kitchen table/chairs, dishes put away, bathroom put away, surround sound speakers set up and a bunch of boxes unpacked. We didn't go to bed until around 1:00 which is a long day when you've been up since 6:00. And Lucy doesn't quite settle down when she's not at home so she was up and trotting around the house all night barking every now and then so I wish I could say I am rested today, but instead I'm tired, sore and have a headache.

BUT I'm hoping to take the Lu-ster for a little jog down the trail later. Dad's new place is right on a really beautiful walking trail and it overlooks the river. The view is an added bonus because we didn't really even pay attention to it for some reason when we were first looking at the house. My Dad is sooo soo happy to finally be moved into his very own house. He keeps saying, "I can't believe this is mine." and the sound of utter contentment and joy in his voice is enough to warm my heart into next year. So my warmed up heart is going to keep me going and I'm going to ignore the pain and hopefully get that little jog in to get my heart pumpin later on.

Brekkie is a sparse assortment here today. There's cornflakes, 2% milk, eggs, turkey bacon and OJ. Dad just ran to the store to grab some bananas, peanut butter, bread etc. It's actually getting closer to lunch time now, so a bigger more of a brunch breakfast is what's on tap this morning. Then we're heading out to the hardware store, Wal-Mart etc. to get a few things Dad still needs.

Have a great day everyone and OH I made those chocolate almond treatbags to take to the birthday party tomorrow for the family. I even made little tags that say, "Happy 80th Birthday Grampie" on them. I forgot my camera, but I'll take one with Dads (if I can find it!) and post it just to show off because I'm pretty proud I did that. There's still a kazillion chocolate almonds left, but that put a little dent in them at least!
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