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Quit Debating.. Make it Happen!

Posted Aug 28 2012 1:17pm

Yesterday we did a full on Tabata class .. It was hard core. I'm telling you, my legs didn't know what hit them. We worked upper body too, but it was the leg muscles that were screaming all day and night and still this morning. So when I woke up, I did some debating in my head.

Go to the gym.

No, stay in bed.


I'm too tired. And I have weight training tomorrow. Ouch.

You better just get up.

I need sleep. Sleep is good.

ASS TO THE GYM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well, then I got to the gym, and my brain was still trying to talk myself out of it. Good grief!
I finally kicked myself and got into the gym. We did a total body confusion class today and it was so stinking hard! We worked every muscle in our body. And guess what?

I'm SOOOOO glad I went! Yes, I'm tired and my body is sore and I reak of nasty sweat smells, but I conquered that workout and I am so proud of myself for it!
45 min, 420 cal burn
Seeing some really awesome changes!


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