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Quick Weight Loss Diet Plan : Healthy And Quick Weight Loss Diet Plan

Posted Oct 20 2008 9:11pm 1 Comment

Virtually every one of us have had one or two experince that has got us unhappy about our body due mainly to being overweight. Many of us wish we can reduce our size ( weight ) by at least 10-15 pounds or even more and it off in order for us to maintain the perfect shape we have always dreamt of.

Many of the weight loss programs available these days need lot of patience and persistence, they work but you may need to wait for months before seeing the required results. However, the results you get from this programs are long lasting and permanent provided you maintain your diet and exercise plans.

But consider that you have a very few excess pounds you would like to get rid of and you have a party coming up in just a few weeks from now; and you need at least a short term solution in order to give you your desired shape for the up coming party. What would you do? Well the best solution is to follow a simple and quick weight loss program to provide a short term solution. But you need to realise that this quick weight loss program does not last and should not be part of your long term weight loss. However you can use this quick weight loss program as a part of your short-term weight loss program. Following are few quick weight loss programs that can help you in reducing weight within few weeks.

Fad Diets.

Fad diets are only effective for a short term weight loss. They become useless in the long run if used for a longer period, for example months. Only few of this diets have lasted more than 1 or 2 weeks at most. It is always recommended to always have a goal when you are attempting quick weight loss diet plans. Always remember it can back fire in so many ways.

So many types of this diets exist, they include and not limited to grapefruits, chicken soup diet and many others. As stated earlier in this article, this diets should only be used in the short term, no one should expect a permanent result with fad diets. They are harmless for those of us who have no medical problems but always advisable to seek a doctor’s advice before going on fad diets if you don’t know your medical status. Any one about to use or who is already on fad diets should know that the extra pounds lost by using this method are those of water weight. Miracles should not be expected through the use of quick weight loss as they are not properly conditioned for melting-away fat.

Don’t Mess Up Yourself.

You must also learn not to mess up yourself when trying to lose weight using quick weight loss diet plans. Quick weight loss diet plans are only recommendable on a short term basis as they do not contain the necessary nutrition which your body need on a daily basis. You should know that your body is not made up of wood or stone and it will soon start to demand for things; and if you mistakenly fall to any of this yearning, one would probably eat more than necessary.

physical activity or exercise is not necessary when going through quick weight loss. This is due mainly to the fact that you might not be taking-in the necessary calories that will fuel the your body. Any one who is on a quick weight loss program and still engage in physical activities should expect fatigue, giddiness and undue stress to the body. Many experts usually warn their clients that going out to eat or socialize with friends should be avoided due mainly to the temptation and peer pressure.

Whenever you attain your required shape, make sure you don’t see it as a miracle. You must make sure quick weight loss is used only when necessary. Otherwise you should always go for a healthier way of reducing weight that takes more time than these quick weight loss programs but delivers healthier and sustainable results.

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Sorry to burst your bubble, folks.  But THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS QUICK WEIGHT LOSS.  There is TEMPORARY WEIGHT LOSS which numerous studies and unhappy personal experiences have demonstrated time and again will only result in PERMANENT WEIGHT GAIN!!!  

Why?  The only way to lose weight rapidly is by starving your body.  But if you starve your body it will protect itself.  How?  By ensuring it saves and stores even more energy for even longer.  This stored energy is called FAT. 

It's like stretching an elastic band - sure it's longer for a little while, but the more you stretch it, the harder it will snap back.

DON'T GET SUCKED IN by these sorts of poorly written, ignorant cons.  They are only after your money.  With weight loss, slow and steady wins the race every time.

For Healthy Weight Loss information that is well researched and actually works, check out belly fat/ 

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