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Quick Healthy Dinner Option: Grilled Fish & Veggies

Posted Mar 07 2010 4:17pm

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Yesterday while at the shops I had a great brainstorm to get some fresh fish for dinner.

We do it every now and again and it had been a while. So when I saw the fish shop approaching I got a burst of inspiration to cook some fresh fish for dinner.

And I tell you if you are looking for a quick healthy dinner, nothing can beat fish and veggies.

In fact it doesn’t get much more healthier than what we had last night.

Start off with the best looking piece of fish that you can find. The seafood shop we were at had some great choices and we settled on the John Dory which looked fresh and tasty. Best yet – it had already been cleaned and de-boned. So that cuts down preparation big time!

You Don't Have To Eat Nemo To Enjoy The Benefits Of Fish

You Don't Have To Eat Nemo To Enjoy The Benefits Of Fish

So while I got the fish cooking and adding only sea salt, cracked pepper and fresh lemon juice to enhance the flavours while cooking my wife started on the veggies.

All you need to do is select whatever veggies grab your fancy. Aim for about 4 or 5 different types to ensure you’re getting various colours of the rainbow for all their nutrient values.

Stir frying the veggies takes no more than a couple of minutes because you want to ensure you’re eating crispy vegetables and not the usual soggy stuff you’d find on airplane food.

Add a few different spices to your veggies for seasoning while you’re whipping it around in the frying pan and you’ll be sweet.

All in all, the whole meal would’ve only taken 10 minutes – definitely no more than 15 minutes. I didn’t time this one but it was fast.

And the end result?

Absolutely fantastic! Even the My Kitchen Rules judges would’ve been hard pressed to turn their noses up at this masterpiece.

So what’s stopping you from eating healthy meals at home? Don’t tell me you don’t have time to cook when something like this takes less than 15 minutes.

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