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Quick Healthy Dinner Idea #3 Just For Busy People

Posted Dec 15 2010 5:53pm

These quick healthy dinner recipes seem to be going down well for people out there searching for healthy meals that don’t take the world to prepare so here’s another one that I whipped up on Monday night.

Before I give you the run down, let me tell you, that it was probably my best one yet if I can say so myself!

I like to experiment in the kitchen and don’t like following recipes – except my own.

Funny how things come full circle cause I remember as a kid always complaining about my Dad’s concoctions because he never liked following recipes either.

Sometimes they were hits – big hits – but sometimes – well let’s just say they were disasters to put it nicely.

I guess the apple didn’t fall far from the tree!

Anyway, as you may recall if you’ve seen these recipes before, the rule in my house is first one home cooks.

I enjoy cooking myself but getting home to one of my wife’s awesome feeds is always a better option!

Unfortunately the ball was in my court the other night and if you have read my stuff before, you’ll know that I like short n sweet meals.

I don’t want to spend an hour in the kitchen getting dinner ready. We are all busy people, so the less stuffing around the better.

These recipe resources are all categorised on this blog for easy access for you to ensure you are getting healthy meals, gluten free meals by the way, without taking forever in the kitchen.

A quick tip to ensure your healthy eating plan stays on track is to defrost your meat early.

Put the meat out before you go to work and let it thaw out or leave it in the fridge overnight to defrost. Just keep it out of the direct sunlight.

This quick healthy dinner involves turkey. One of the absolute best meat choices out there because it is so lean for you, is high in protein and tastes awesome.

This meal serves 2 people.

You’ll need:

* Turkey Steaks

* Half a large broccoli

* 1 large carrot

* 4 big spinach leaves

* honey

* mustard (I used American mustard but suit yourself)

that’s all you need.


I wanted to boil the veggies so first step is to boil the kettle so you don’t have to wait for the pot to boil on the stove.

As that was boiling away, I lined the frypan with baking paper so I didn’t make an absolute mess of the frying pan (inside tip: use the baking paper as it does get a bit messy in there!)

Put the turkey steaks in the pan and drizzle honey and mustard on the top to suit your taste.

Start chopping up your veggies while you are waiting for the kettle to boil.

Once the kettle boils pour the now boiling jug of water into a new pot on the stove and throw in your veggies stirring occasionally.

When the turkey is cooked on each side (cooking time depends on thickness but mine was pretty thin and only took a few minutes, flip the steak and repeat the process of applying the honey and mustard sauces and wait for it took cook.

After it looked done I flipped the steak over again for another minute and then flipped back over just to ensure that both sides were done.

Total cooking time was only 12 minutes and I kept on track for eating for optimal fat loss results.

The sauce mix was a winner (without all the hidden nasties of all the bottled sauces that are just full of rubbish and something I’ll be repeating again for sure. It went down really well, try it for yourself!

If you like the sound of quick, healthy meals, then you need to get your hands on the 13.5 Healthy Meals in 13.5 Minutes or Less Recipe book that comes with my Aussie Fatblast Success System .

For a small investment of only $47.77USD you get all the weight loss workouts, nutrition manual and of course the recipe book that is perfect for when you need something healthy and it has to be quick.

Do yourself a favour and visit the Aussie Fatblast page today.

If you are after more gluten free meal options, you can also check out the Gluten Free Homemaker website .

250x250 04 Quick Healthy Dinner Idea #3 Just For Busy People

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