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Quick Healthy Dinner Fast Food Alternative

Posted Dec 01 2010 9:46pm

Today I took my mum out for lunch and being a weekday I didn’t feel like using up one of my cheat meals for the week.

My quick healthy dinner updates have proven to be popular according to the feedback that has been left on these posts (and the google hits too, so thank you for reading!) so today I wanted to give you some more ammunition in your fight against the belly fat.

This edition of my healthy eating tips is to do with eating out – especially at shopping centres. Surely there has to be some good fast food alternatives right?

Anyway, my mum and I were discussing how people use excuses to cover the fact that they choose not to eat healthy, when really there is no excuse not to eat healthy when you are trying to optimise your fat loss results.

These excuses drive me nuts. In fact, I am sick of people sabotaging their fat loss results with this negative approach.

We were at a shopping centre so the options were the food court or one of the cafes.

Let’s look at our options.

At the food court there was plenty of rubbish like Maccas, KFC, Pizza Hut and all that fast food junk that will only increase your belly fat.

Sumo Salad (a personal favourite of mine because it’s fresh and tastes great) or getting suckered in like a lot of people do for the ‘healthier’ meal of the low fat turkish bread and processed luncheon meat which is not exactly at the top end of my recommended weight loss tips.

We ended up at the Coffee Club cafe and it would’ve been quite tempting to tuck into a burger and fries. I’ve got a soft spot for a good burger and know theirs goes alright just quietly…

Don’t forget washing it down with a coke or a diet soft drink because people are “watching their weight” and don’t want the extra calories.

Don’t be one of those suckers.

But like I said earlier, I didn’t want to waste a cheat meal so I opted for a garden salad adding some grilled chicken and avocado – actually it was pretty much like my quick healthy dinner update from last week.

I got them to hold the tomato (can’t stand it!) and the no fat dressing that was supposed to be the healthy option and got them to add some lemon wedges on the side for me to squeeze over. I also made sure they didn’t give me the croutons that they included. These should definitely not be added as part of your eat healthy plan.

BONUS TIP: Get your dressings on the side so YOU control how much you put on. Not some over zealous kid who’s on their first day of work experience.

End result? Absolutely amazing!

Don’t tell me you can’t eat healthy when you are trying to achieve weight loss success. There is plenty of fast food alternatives out there you just have to open your eyes to the possibilities around.

That excuse just doesn’t wash with me or the Aussie Fatblast lifestyle.

Be brave and step out from the crowd.

And what did I have to drink? Water of course, I stay away from fruit juices unless they are freshly squeezed and I’ve got a soft spot for a good coffee – long black style. Tastes great and hardly any extra calories cause there’s no added milk. Just like those Italians do it.

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You’d be crazy not to jump on board wouldn’t you?

 Quick Healthy Dinner Fast Food Alternative

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