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Posted Jul 07 2008 7:14pm

1. Is it possible to sweat when it is too COLD? Seriously, sick of sweating out a pool when I'm asleep, I've been sleeping in my bed with the A/C at 60 degrees. I'm not even kidding. And yet, sometimes, I still wake up sweaty and gross. I am the annoyed.

2. What if I only ate when I was truly hungry? Think about it - how often does one eat because they have to, or are supposed to, or think they NEED to... What if I only ate when I truly FELT hungry....?

3. On occasion, I've been known to skip breakfast. My mom always says "that's not good for you." This isn't really a question as much as I just wanted to point out that it annoys me when she says that. How is it NOT good to NOT eat when I am NOT hungry? (See #2)

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