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Put Your Comfort Food Urges on the Scale

Posted Aug 18 2010 2:00am

How much does your urge weigh? Let's see.

It's late at night. You're the only one up. You feel like something to eat. But you're in the midst of a very good diet, and you've already lost 14 lbs. You're not really hungry. You know that. But you can't resist the urge for some special snack. What CAN YOU DO?

You can weigh your urge, and here's how.

Make a subjective rating scale from 0 to 10; subjective because it is your urge. Rate the "weight" of the urge. Zero gives it no weight at all. Ten means that it is the biggest, heaviest urge imaginable.

By weighing out your urges like this, you can tell that not all your urges are the same. For most urges, you can weigh them, see that some are little enough to weight (sic) out.

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