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Put Under Weight Loss Facts—Conflict Avoidance Is Not Possible

Posted Oct 12 2013 6:59am
by Maria's Last Diet

There is not a lick of a chance that you will go without conflict. The promise for a conflict-free process of weight loss cannot be made. The only pledge that you can count on is that by using psychology to lose weight you will not suffer the awful mind snag you would otherwise get from your ambivalence and conflicts. The psychology we are talking about here is giving your pseudo-belief in a one-sided desire to lose weight a good shaking out.

Don’t be surprised then to find there are things other than weight loss that you desire even more than losing weight. You will not want to think about this at first and take a look at what this means. If, however, you commit to just a little weight loss psychology, you will be able to look at what is making it difficult for you to lose weight. It is that you are conflicted. You do and you don’t want to do what you have to do to lose that weight of yours.

Here is where that handy-dandy device of a pros and cons chart comes in. Only this is a pros and cons chart with a twist. It will not be the pros for losing weight you will be keying on. Weight loss psychology says it is the pros for not losing weight that need to be identified loudly and clearly. You probably have been keeping the pros for not losing weight muted or absolutely silent in some cases. You need to take these pros of yours for not losing weight out of the closet and bring them into the light. The same will be true for your cons, not the cons for not losing weight, but the cons for losing weight. Bet you will be startled to learn just how many cons for losing weight you actually have. These cons for losing weight, when set side by side with the pros for not losing weight, will give you incontrovertible evidence from two different sources, and your conflicting goals for yourself will be out in the open.

Remember, successful weight loss will only be yours if you can bring your conflicts out into the open so you can first face them and then fix them.   


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