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PUSH and PULL ! Rock the weights!

Posted Jul 10 2012 3:17pm
Time flies when you're having fun! Almost been a month since my last post.. 

Still going strong with my weight training and on week 7. It's opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me! I am loving the weights more than I thought I would and seeing some pretty great progress in my strength too which is SUPER exciting! There will never ever be another pushup done on my knees! Moved on to pushups with feet in TRX and hands on box..

Shooting for getting chest down level with boxes.. I haven't got to that level YET, but I'm on my way ! I was on my 3rd set and didn't know I was being recorded but was super stoked to see the video ... like looking in the mirror when you're lifting so you can check your form.. Good stuff! :)

I'm on a PUSH / PULL schedule and I'm loving what it's doing for my muscle toning! We've started doing pull ups on the bar now too and lemme tell ya.. IT IS SUCH AN AMAZING FEELING TO GET UP AND CHIN OVER THAT BAR! We are using an elastic band under one foot to give a bit of assistance, but don't you think for one second that makes it easy!!! Working up to not having to use that band for assistance. That day is coming.. soon! ;)

**no, this isn't anyone I know, just a visual for the pull up with band assistance*

Progress pics in two weeks! Then I begin the next 8 week session! Stay tuned!


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