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Puppy Love & Making It Rain?

Posted Jul 23 2010 1:12pm

Hello Sweethearts,

Last night right after I posted my post, I felt better. I watched my favourites, Big Brother and So You Think You Can Dance (more on that later). After that the man came to pick me up and we went for a midnight stroll, talking and laughing, it was so cute and a perfect way to end my night. Let me back track a bit. I open the door, and he says, “There she is. Give me a kiss, beautiful.” Oh my freakin’ gosh, SWOON! Want to know what’s even cuter than that in a sickly sweet, puke my guts out way? As soon as he dropped me off, I made my way into the basement (my bedroom), got changed, washed my face, got into bed and I kid you not, 10 seconds later the phone rang. This was how the conversation went:

N: You in bed yet?

E. I am. You’re amazing at this game.

N: I try. I missed you.

We talked from 1:35am to 4:11am. I’ve known this guy for probably 7 years. We just hung out for a couple hours, and we had a phone conversation like I had never seen him that night. My goodness, I need to wipe this I’m-so-lucky shit eating grin off my face before I lose my badass facade. I apologize for the relationship talk, but hey, I’m happy and happy Erin = happy posts, right? I haven’t been all emo in a while, despite all the girly hormonal crying I’ve been doing, but that cannot be controlled.


Speaking of crying. Oh. My. Good. God. What is with all the crying recently? Please tell me I’m not the only one. Please tell me scientists have found a new chemical in milk just recently that would explain all this crazy crying. A couple nights ago I watched the video for Everybody Hurts by REM and cried like my best friend was shot in the face. Yesterday, this was me:


It’s a sad book!! Geeze, I don’t remember when I lost my edge, however, slowly but surely, I think I’m losing it.

My day was a bit bland. The weather has been really gross, the air feels as heavy as split pea soup, never good. We did go to my grandparents to hang out for a bit. I really adore my grandparents and because they don’t live very far away, we’re over there a lot. At one point, when my brother Ben was a baby, almost my whole immediate family lived there. Myself, my Mom, Dad, little baby Ben, my aunt Margaret, uncle Peter, Grandma, Grandad, dog and three cats. For three and a half years, what craziness eh?

My plans for tonight are either to go to a strip club, drink whiskey straight up (it’s more point friendly!) and end the night laying on a Civic watching the planes fly by OR slipping into pajamas and watch True Blood, Entourage and a bunch of other random movies by candle light, alone. The life and times..


If I’m not making it rain on strippers tonight, I might just post again. Because I doubt I’d be doing anything better.

Seeing as this is a weight loss blog and everything, I should mention something weight loss related, right? Hmm... Brownie cake has not been touched. I call NSV!
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