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Pumpkin warts

Posted Sep 22 2008 10:54am 1 Comment

Woah, did you know pumpkins could grow warts?

Knucklehead pumpkins

I walked into the Fresh Market yesterday and saw a pile of these ugly creatures in the corner past the sliding doors. I thought they must be the victims of a pernicious pumpkin disease, but according to this site they bred these knucklehead pumpkins on purpose. "In fact, it has taken over 10 generations of breeding to obtain the size and consistency of warting for these varieties."

Knucklehead pumpkins

Now, I LOVE pumpkin pie and pumpkin cheesecake and pumpkin bread and canned pumpkin mixed with instant pudding mix. Pumpkin is my favorite squash. I love that it's pumpkin season again. These pumpkins are probably just as tasty as their clear-skinned cousins. So, I know it's looks-ist of me, but I want to take a knife or a bottle of liquid nitrogen and freeze the warts off that orange skin. It looks so gross.

But to each her own. I suppose someone must think these pumpkins look cool if they spent 10 years of their time on it. I won't be buying any, but I won't be buying any pumpkins after I spent over an hour last year chopping up a jack-o-lantern and boiling the pieces to make pumpkin puree. It was soooo not worth the work. Only canned pumpkin for me, for which I won't be able to tell if it had warts or not.

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awe... that's cute you should tell her how you feel and maybe she will give you a chance. you know you shouldn't be worried about what other people think of you and just be yourself, god made you your own person and you should love yourself to the limit, feel free to wander around and start fresh, life always get's you down sometimes but you need to look for the good in it :)
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