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Pumpkin syrup and headstones.

Posted Sep 26 2012 6:24pm

Wednesday musings today.  I’ve been working a lot and my brain no worky very well.

The pumpkin spice sauce – AKA pumpkin drizz.

This is floating around the web and is pretty easy .

Basically, just simmer

1½ cups water
1½ cups sugar
4 cinnamon sticks 0r ground cinnamon (your choice)
1 tsp ground nutmeg
½ tsp ground ginger
½ tsp ground cloves
3 TBSP pumpkin puree (not pie filling)

Simmer everything together for about 5 minutes. Don’t let it boil or it will congeal.  Cool and bottle.

It is a little thick. Kind of like syrup.  You can use it to sweeten up your coffee for that Starbucks pumpkin spice latte. Or just drizzle it on top of milk foam like I do:

Heck, you could really live high on the hog and do whipped cream!

Yes, people, I have tried the Candy Corn M&Ms.

Now most of you know that I am a candy corn connoisseur. I have preferred brands and freshness is key.  So, how do the M&Ms stack up?  Well, they pretty much are white chocolate with a little interesting undertone to them. I wouldn’t say they tasted like candy corn per se, but they were pretty good.  I still like the coconut M&Ms the best.

I took a walk today and walked through the cemetery.  On the main road, you go by Pizza Hut, McDonalds, another pizza place, Dunkin Donuts, Stewarts convenience store and then the cemetery.  Is fate trying to say something there? You be the judge.

Anyway, this is a very interesting cemetery.  I like cemeteries, actually.  Our most famous resident is Jane McCrea, whom I have talked about before.  She was moved several times before coming to final rest here.

Fall colors are just starting to peep out.

This stone is huge.  Is that really necessary?

There are lots of older stones.  Many from the mid 1800s.

Then this one where the poor mother doesn’t even have a name.

I find it interesting when the headstones are broken and just propped together.

You wonder over all the years if these people are never visited any more or the families moved away or whatever.  Just makes you think a little bit.

Plus you can see how long they have been this way because they are solidly in the ground.

Then there was this family plot.  See the smallest headstone on the right?

I think that might be a family pet because it is a dog or something on top of the headstone!

Anyway, that was interesting.  I guess I should have saved this stuff for October near Halloween!

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