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Posted Oct 04 2009 11:12pm

below is taken from the blog T he World According to Eggface

an awesome blog that i came across recently.

" I know this and so I avoid my trigger foods. I hope I can always be as strong. I see post-ops further out that struggle with weight gain which scares the sh*t out of me I have to say. I think it's good it scares the sh*t out of me though... it'll hopefully keep me on my toes."

bold part I did for emphasis for us.

there is no reason on earth why we cannot be strong and say NO! to those triggers. I soooo wanted a bite of tinas first anniversary cake last nite (told her the other day to save me a bite). but i looked at mark as he held the plate at me and said "sorry i don't eat that crap anymore" and walked out of the room. ok a self-serving pat on the back BUT i said no and i meant NO! I may as well have duct taped it to my a** or in my case my tummy and hips.

Why do we even entertain the idea of considering a "bite" which could so easily turn into 2 or more and more? habit, peer pressure, one bite won't hurt, its only 5 calories. we all know they add up and up and up and so goes the weight.

Don't let someone (and that someone could be YOU) dictate what you eat or don't eat.

protein, protein, protein, oh did i mention protein? 

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