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Protein Powder

Posted Oct 21 2008 12:19am
Suffering insomnia…

♥ing that… ( Not really, but you know how that goes )

One good thing about this, though, is that I get a chance to read some of the blogs and websites I have bookmarked but never really been able to spend much time on.

I spent a bit of time watching some of Mizfit's past videos. The one in particular that caught my eye, however was about protein shakes. Actually, it was more the comments REGARDING the protein shakes that really got me. Since Hubby and I started our new eating lifestyle, we were encouraged to add protein powder to our diet - primarily through breakfast smoothies. I was surprised to read so many comments from Mizfits readers indicating that they weren't a big fan of the protein powders, or that they suffered stomache upset. Neither Hubby nor I have ever had any problems with this stuff, although our children did make the comment that it had a "funky after taste."
We don't use it daily, but I will admit that blending some of this stuff up with some frozen fruit is a great way to get all of the necessary nutrients into the body when on a really limited time frame!
At our last nutritionist appointment we actually learned how to determine if the powder was full of fillers or not...but more about that in a few minutes...

Since I have been advised to chart my daily food intake, and I'm such a keener I am doing as directed, I realized I was actually low on my protein tonight when I got home from my Pilate's class. Hmm, what to do...

I mixed half a scoop of strawberry protein powder with a cup of almond milk. Stirred it all up, and you know what? It was sort of like a strawberry shake! Not as thick, naturally, but it wasn't an offensive taste/texture thing, and I do believe it is something I will have again.
Maybe I can play around with my milk frother to see if I can create some sort of 'steamer' that will make me feel like I'm at Starbucks drinking a $7 latte...

Okay, now to share what I learned about making sure you are selecting a good quality protein powder. If you add up the nutritional values (ie. fat, protein and carbs) they should come very close to the gram value of the serving. If they don't, the difference in the numbers will actually tell you how many grams of the powder is actually filler.
So, with the brand of protein powder we have been buying, 1 serving weighs 45 grams. ( We don't use that much for one of our servings, but I am going with what is on the label.) One serving gives us 0.5 grams of fat, 2 grams of carbohydrates and 38 grams of protein. This means we are at 40.5 grams accounted for in one serving of this powder. Hmmm... 4.5 grams unaccounted for. Guess that is where the 'strawberry' flavour comes from. About 10% filler...

Perhaps not the most ideal, but when we first went looking for this stuff, we only knew that we wanted something that was "whey protein isolate" with limited carbohydrates. I wasn't keen on the flavoured aspect, but all that we saw were flavoured types and I thought strawberry would be the least offensive. NOW we learn about this whole other consideration... you know, right after we finished purchasing our second 1080 gram container.

I have also become much more savvy in the health food area of the store, so now I know the other areas to look for items like this. I am going to get another package with less filler in it, but the strawberry stuff will have to get used over time.

Even if it is just a steamer latte every now and then!

I'm going to give another attempt at sleeping now...
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