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Posted May 28 2010 1:44pm
Breakfast at workVenti sugar free hazelnut non fat americano misto -3
1 cup of non fat milk for my cereal -2
All bran strawberry cereal 1 1/4 cups -3

Lunch at workEating Right frozen Turkey Lasagna -6
Jello pudding sugar free dulce de leche pudding -2
strawberry All bran bites -2
Grande sugar free caramel latte -3
Oats and Chocolate fibre one bar -2
Pringles crunch spicy bbq chips -8

Dinnerwe made fajitas!
2 whole wheat wraps -4
pork tenderloin -(5) (I had to use the other points system because it was mixed with onions and peppers and I have no idea how much of it I ate, sometimes that really helps me. But since I cooked it myself I know how much oil was used -1tbsp for the entire pan for 3 people)
lite sour cream 3 tbsp -2
onion, peppers, lettuce and tomato -0
salsa -0
oil -1

total points allowed: 41
total points used: 43
weekly points allowed: 35
weely points left: 19 -I will not use them all this week as weigh in is tonight. I hope it all goes down well.
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