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Product Review: The LiveWell 360 Core Fitness Bag

Posted May 25 2010 2:39pm

Product Review: The LiveWell 360 Core Fitness Bag

Have I ever told you I’m bag whore. I’m serious. I LOVE bags. I don’t mean the name brand Coach-y style you are buying a name brand bag bags (although my friend is slowly converting me) I mean functional bags, fun bags, bags from goodwill, totes, hobos, weekend bags, overnight bags, tiny bags and mega momma bags. I love them all.

So when Sheila from LiveWell360 asked me if I’d review their new Core Fitness Bag I immediately said yes. How could I possibly turn down a free bag?!?

I wasn’t sure what to expect. I mean, what’s a "Fitness bag" anyway? I immediately thought of a duffel or traditional gym bag which are probably my least favorite type of bag. They are so nondescript, hard to carry and usually made out of yucky material.

Thankfully the Core is nothing like that. It doesn’t even look like a gym bag. It’s gray with a nice thick strap and an interesting easy to carry shape.

I actually used it for my trip to Boston and carried it on the plane. It was absolutely perfect to pack everything in for the weekend.

Product Review: The LiveWell 360 Core Fitness Bag side viewMy favorite feature is by far the shoe pouch. How genius is this?!? A side zippered pocket so you can keep your stinky shoes away from your clothes. Surely this can’t be the first bag that has this feature but I really liked the way it was designed on this bag. I even shoved my dirty clothes in with the shoes on my trip back. Again, genius!

I totally give the Core bag 2 thumbs up (oh and so does the husband and he’s the more fashion minded of us) My only negative isn’t about the bag at all, it’s the price. $120 is a bit on the expense side. Then again, it will probably last longer then all the $30 bags I’ve thrown out because of broken straps. (I just had to toss out my favorite weekend bag for that very reason. :(

Click here if you are interested in pre-ordering the bag . LiveWell 360 is also running a contest until midnight tonight, called the What’s In Your Bag Giveaway . I’m a little late with my review. Sorry. :(

Disclosure: I am NOT affiliated with LiveWell 360. My only compensation for this review was the actual bag they shipped my to try. I am not an affiliate and I will not make any money if you decide to purchase the bag.

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