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Product Review: PicoPad Food Journal

Posted Jan 22 2009 4:00pm

I have found the secret of weight loss. This is it. This is the magic pill you’ve all been waiting for. Ya ready? ok… hear goes…. It’s…

keeping a food journal!

What? Did you really think I was going to try to sell you some acai berries? Hoodia or something? Come on now. You know me better then that! :)

Seriously. I’m not kidding. Food journaling is a huge part of my success. I know not everyone agrees. Some believe keeping one would drive them batty. To each their own. Everyone’s different. But I’m teling ya. It’s an eye opening experience. Especially for mindless munchers like myself.

According to WebMD

Those who kept food records six days a week — jotting down everything they ate and drank on those days — lost about twice as much weight as those who kept food records one day a week or less.

I don’t doubt it. Once you get into the habit of keeping a food journal you start to think twice about what you are about to put in your mouth. You know you have to write it down and that makes a big difference.

That’s one of the reasons I made Tweet Eat Post. I knew keeping a food journal was a good thing but the old fashion pen and paper just wasn’t cutting it for this web geek. I’m always online and it just makes sense for me to keep my food journal in the medium I feel most comfortable in.

I also realize not everyone has a laptop strapped to their body 24/7 like I do. So when John from Everyday Innovations asked me to review the PicoPad food journal
I was curious to check out a non technical food journal solution for those on the run.

The PicoPad allows you to track your food consumption on good old pen and paper. The cool thing…. It’s the size of a credit card! Seriously. It’s soooo cute! The pad has columns for food, quantity, used and gain (think weight watchers points/actvity points.) You can use it for calories, fat, points, whatever it is you want to track. It also has little check boxes for, water, fruits & veggies, milk, oil and vitamins. All that and a mini little pen tucked inside so you are never without one.

Honestly, it’s all you need to track in one handy dandy minnie notebook. Just be warned it is THAT small. So if you have a hard time writing in tiny places this may not be the journal for you.

Overall I don’t think it matters how you journal. It just matters that you journal. Find what works for you in your current situation. For me it used to be paper and pencil. Then I started emailing myself and now I use twitter. I’m always trying to come up with new ways to keep it fun.

How about you? Do you food journal and if so how do you do it?

Oh! and if you are interested in the PicoPad click here check it out on Amazon.

P.S. I would post my Food Journal this evening but it collapsed by dinner. I guess I need to practice what I preach just a little better. :~P I’m feeling a bit of a stress eating episode with this house thing hanging over my head.

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