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Problem With Food, Eating Issues, Difficulty Losing Weight—Try Using Psychology for Weight Loss

Posted Mar 17 2011 5:00am

Women’s weight loss is tricky.

Starting a diet?  Don’t mess around. Do it right this time.

You can pick the best diet food, use all sorts of diet aids, and follow the best dieting tips. But losing a lot of weight for a woman is more than a matter of what to eat. Because control over eating is governed by internal factors, as well as external factors.

So, to do it right, you need to take all these factors into account. It’s fine to set out a food plan to lose weight for yourself, but you’ll also need to set out ways to ensure that you will follow the actual food plan.

Because that’s where the problem lies, isn’t it? It’s that you can’t stay on a diet, or that you do stick to the diet, but then gain weight back.

What are the factors that make that happen? Does it have to do with not being able to moderate your moods, your different emotions, and so your bad eating habits and fattening food always takes over that job? Is it that you have little confidence in your ability to lose excess weight? Do you have personal habits that are so ingrained, you simply can’t go against them? Is it that you’re actually afraid of reducing your weight, for your own personal reasons?

What are these personal patterns that spoil your attempts at losing unwanted weight, time after time?

Don’t mess around. Do it right this time. And that means: Tackle the real issues. There’s no long-term weight loss until you do.

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