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Pressure to Lose Weight: The Downside and What To Do

Posted Mar 09 2013 6:52am

How much pressure do you put on yourself when you are trying to lose some weight? Yes, you heard right—pressure.

Do you pressure yourself to eat right, stick to a diet, never go back to old ways? What about reaching daily goals? How much pressure do you put on yourself there? You probably have lots of ways and many reasons to keep the pressure up when you have embarked on a weight-loss regimen. But putting undue pressure on yourself during the weight-loss process often creates an effect that’s the opposite from what you want to achieve.

Take a look at ‘why’ you’re putting all this pressure on yourself? Is it that you lack the confidence you need? Could it be that you don’t have good skill sets when it comes to motivating yourself, setting goals, and discovering solutions to problems that crop up? There are lots of reasons why you might be applying the pressure.

It would be so nice if you could just say to yourself “relax” and all that pressure would melt away. You’re welcome to try this, and if it works, great. You could, though, take what you learned about ‘why’ you’re putting pressure on yourself and see what you can do about that. You will definitely relax if you gain confidence, and set the goals you need to get you there, and have in hand solutions to weight-loss problems you are facing. In other words, you won’t need to pressure yourself once you take care of ‘why’ you were pressuring yourself in the first place.


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