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Pregnancy and Weight Gain and the Secret to Weight Loss

Posted Aug 30 2010 7:27pm

A friend asked me over the weekend if I was afraid of regaining back all the weight now that I’m pregnant. I actually surprised myself with the answer.

I immediately said, "No."

Sure I’m going to gain weight. I’m pregnant! I already have gained weight. You are suppose to gain weight. My body is going to change and grow and stretch and support a new life. It’s an amazingly wonderful miracle and I don’t think you truly understand it until you have a child of you own.

The way I see it, I have a choice. I can stress and obsesses about every little thing I put in my mouth and every little ounce the scale goes up OR I can embrace the fact that my body has a higher purpose at the moment. It’s not about me or how I look in a bathing suit. It’s about bringing a new, amazing life into the world.

So I’m going to do what I’ve been doing for the last 5 years. I’m going to live the life I want to live. Nourish my body and soul the best way I know how. Eat good healthy food. Enjoy the little things. And give this little being the best chance I can. After all, it didn’t ask to come into this world. I made that conscious decision and I owe it to him/her to do so.

As for the weight I will gain. I have no doubt that after the baby is born I’ll lose it because just like Jasmine, I know the Secret to Weight Loss. ;)

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