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Pre-Thanksgiving Wednesday Weigh In

Posted Nov 21 2012 7:03am

Ok, so I’m stressing a little about the holiday. It’s 6:26AM Right now. My house is a mess, I still haven’t picked up my turkey (although it’s been ordered) and I have a shopping list a mile long, my bathrooms all need to be cleaned, dinner needs to be made tonight for 6 adults and 3 kids, and I have to start prepping for Thanksgiving tomorrow for 8 adults and 4 kids.

So last night I made todo lists for everyone.

And for some reason that made me feel better. Mostly because I was able to delegate a few things off my list and out of my head.

Overall everything is pretty minor, I just start to feel overwhelmed at the sheer amount of little things that I want done.

That’s another thing, I have to remind myself they are things I WANT done but don’t NEED to be done.

Know what I mean?

Anyway, I didn’t mean to hijack today’s weigh in post and I’m REAL curious to see who stops by to weigh in with us with the looming holiday. In my opinion, this is go time. This is when you decide to stick it out, make yourself accountable and move on. Weighing today and (more importantly) next week isn’t about being obsessed with the numbers or freaking out over a small holiday gain. It’s about reminding yourself you’re in this for the long haul. Remember there is no “states” to your diet anymore. Everything you eat is “on plan” don’t make certain foods off limits and then “break” your diet and give yourself permission to totally pig out because you’ll “start over” on Monday or Dec 1 or the New Year.

I’m so over the mindset.

Now, on to this weeks weigh in.

I’m down .4 and my Google Doc has been updated! (that was so much easier.)

My Less Processed choices and active mindset are slowly chipping away at the those last few pounds. I’ve been feeling fantastic lately and I can only assume it’s because I really stopped the mindless munching on junk after the kids go to bed. I mean, here and there I’ll have something small but it’s not the same. No more eating out of the triscuit box only to discover it’s empty (yikes!) or sending the husband out for Ben and Jerry runs.

Ok, I have to run, literally. I wanted to quish in 2 miles this morning before the craziness and then tomorrow is turkey trot day! My mom is scheduled for the walk and Ryan may actually attempt the 5k with me! We’ll see, I’ve learned to play everything by ear anymore.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

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