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Pre-prepared Meals?

Posted by C.L. R.

I'm curious if anyone has tried the method of ordering pre-prepared meals to help facilitate a diet. Nutri-Fit, Jenny Craig and even Nutri-system all offer these programs and although it sounds good in theory, I wonder if it's actually effective. In my opinion, this seems the same as purchasing a bunch of diet food and eating it. (Frozen entrees, etc.) A friend of my argues that it's different, because many of the programs that offer meal delivery are preparing a fresh, delicious meal that is equivalent to something you'd get at a restaurant or if you have a private chef. Nutri-system charges a little over $300 for a month's worth of food and offers vegetarian and diabetic options... Sounds like a good plan but, as most people have a busy lifestyle, how is it possible to eat at home all the time. Input anyone?
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$300 a month sounds like a lot for prepared meals to be sent to you. I think people should spend the $300 leaning to cook healthy. Whole Foods offers great classes (at a low cost to no cost). I really enjoy cooking, so I couldn't imagine paying someone to bring me meals, but for those who hate to cook and rather go to McDonald's, this is a good option. Another option is to buy precut fruits and veggies, prepackaged salad and other pre-made meals from the supermarket.
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