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PRACTICING: Free Writing

Posted Feb 08 2012 4:06pm

Free writing ( read this definition ) is usually difficult for me…probably because I don’t do it often (like never) and because I like to edit myself while I write. And it’s funny because you’d think that as a writer, I’d do these kinds of exercises all the time, but I don’t. While at Green Mountain At Fox Run I had a couple of opportunities to do some free writing and it was easy. I just let myself go.

Here’s what came out of a prompt to “be in” my body:

brain head body back to brain thoughts fidget oh my shoulders ache it feels so good when I hang my head but should I be still is that what this is about what if I am not in my body enough okay I can feel it my body it’s about 50/50 brain body brain body brain body brain body fidget fidget fidget fidget back to body I wish a massage! Now! Right now! Am I aware or do I just think I am oh wait I realize that my lower back and hips feel pretty good right now but damn those shoulders and there…my belly is digesting

And this came after doing some free-form Nia-like movements:

now I notice that my body is random chaotic too not just my mind the impulses just come and I change how I am moving even if it seems weird I do love the rhythm my body loves it and it just moves differently I have both a great mind body connection and I go back and forth between the two but there are impulses I can’t seem to resist flowing jumping marching wriggling wiggling tightening softening going stopping noticing going away again feeling relief that it’s okay to jerk around or just flow

What do you think of free writing? Have you ever done it? What did it reveal?

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