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Power Plates Shed Weight Faster Compared To Swimming and Aerobics

Posted May 10 2009 10:01pm

2047567769_a01f77e263[1] Power plates which are being used by certain celebrities such as Kylie and Madonna, have found to be very effective to help people lose weight. They help you lose weight better than aerobics or swimming. A study which was based around using these particular machines, where women used them three times a week, lost more weight compared to people who used conventional means of exercise such as the ones mentioned above.

One of the good things about using these particular machines is they are very good at moving belly fat, which is quite crucial when it comes to losing weight because this is where problems occur. If you haven’t seen one before they look like a pair of scales that you stand on, and you have a handle which you hold whilst the plate at the bottom vibrates and exercises your various muscles.  The theory behind how they work is they are supposed to make your muscles contract and relax faster than conventional exercise.

When the study was conducted the researchers tracked 61 people, to see what impact using the machines had on them, they were given a varied diet to eat and told to do various exercises, this was done over a period of six months.

The participants that used the power plate lost 11 percent of their weight, compared to those who didn’t do any exercise they lost six percent and people who cycled, did aerobics and running lost seven percent.

The people who conducted the study said that you can’t just use the machine on its own you need to do some sort of other exercise to complement what you are doing. But at least there is something to be learned from this is at least it’s not just another weight loss/ exercise machine that may not work.


Post from: Weight Loss Blog (Lose That Tyre)

Power Plates Shed Weight Faster Compared To Swimming and Aerobics

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