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POSITIVE POSITIVE POSITIVE...thats what its all about friends!!

Posted Jun 24 2009 12:23pm
Hey everyone! What a wonderful sunny and bright morning! I'm lovin' it, then again I am just loving life in general!!

I had some time to jump on this morning because I ended up waking up at 4am today..and thought to myself..well...I suppose I can always go and do my workout extra early..and thats just what I did!

I got there, and did my 30 minutes of cardio..and then went right to the part of my workout that I love the most...WEIGHTS...I didn't want to waste any time!

I really want to get these arms all lookin cut again..and it seems like the more I talk to those who have knowledge on this sort of stuff the more I hear about not to do too much cardio..and to just do more weights and heavier!

So this is my new modo! I want to try this theory out, while also incorporating one of my old eating plans once again that I have been doing which need to go both together hand in hand(very important). I look at some of my girls that I look up to and this is what i would like to look like..I dont believe in my heart that I can get my legs looking the way they do, because of the excess weight I always carried on my legs for years..(the worst part of my body I tell ya)

Whenever I would gain would go right to my legs! It really sucks. I mean its good in one way cause people could never guess right on how much i weigh and would always assume less because my upper part would always be smaller..but in another way when trying to get them toned and nice..its a tougher job to say the least! Even when I was at my peak...I saw some deffinition but with all those exercises and weights I did...there was always that layer that I just could never get rid of to actually show my muscle underneath.

But i will do what I can. But then again to be honest, I never thought that having really muscular legs on me would be attractive (to me). Some women are different. I personally would prefer having really muscular arms and toned arms and some nice calves in me that it HOT and that is what I am aiming for!

My main objective right now is to come down in body fat once again, to GAIN as much muscle as possible. This should burn off the extra fat around them ...but most importantly give me back those arms that I always loved, and that I was always most proud of..!

OH and I have also been growing out my hair again:) I didnt mind the short cut..but I just thought now for a change I want to grow my bangs out so the front is all one length that shortens as it goes to the I will be keeping the shorter cut in the back..I cannot DEAL with long hair! Too much time to fix!

So that my workout is done getting back home by 6:30am...I took my shower, did my hair, my plucking and makeup... and now i have all this extra time before I have to go into work before 11:45. So I guess I will do some of my meditating..positive thinking and energy..and thats about it as far as plans go. Maybe I will be lucky and a friend will call me for a coffee..thats always nice to share on a nice morning...who knows.

In the meantime this is a song I want to post for you guys. Its an older song, but one that I listen to every time I step foot into that gym now...keeps my positive energy going, positive thinking..and helps me get through another day knowing that i am that much closer to kicking some serious ass! Enjoy!!! I know video is a little cheezy BUT...its the words that count!

Have a fantastic day! Reach for the sky!!
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