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Portion Control Is A Successful Weight-Loss Method

Posted by Heather J.

A recent study verifies the importance of portion control for weight loss. Obese subjects who used smaller "portion-control dishes" for six months lost 1.8 percent of their body weight versus 0.1 percent for those who didn't change plates. Overall, 16.9 percent of the small plate subjects lost at least five percent of body weight vs. 4.6 with regular plates. The study reminds me of some glasses I inherited from my grandmother. These "juice" glasses hold about six ounces of orange juice, not sixty like the "super-sized" cups you see now. If you need to work on portion control, remember that a serving of lean meat is about the size of a deck of cards, and a serving of rice or pasta is around the size of one's fist. Vegetables can be consumed to infinity.
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