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Portion Control - Effective for Weight Loss or Not

Posted Jan 05 2013 5:58am

Obesity and exercise both concern people. People try to fight obesity and fail to spare time for exercise. In this stressful world, the thought of putting a minute in some task feels troublesome. If you still find time for exercise, you are doing great. However, if someone who cannot spare time for exercise even after making enough efforts, he should use the concept of portion control for weight loss. It is something that allows you to eat anything that should not be in excess or less. It encourages eating a healthy balance of quantity and types of different foods.

Insufficient physical activity and age do help in making you overweight. Portion control works in a simple way and demands sincerity. You must pour snacks into a bowl and have them instead of having them completely. The thing is eat in smaller meal portions. For instance, just have one or two pieces of pizza instead of whole. Avoid sugary drinks without fail. Many people gain around 15% of fat through the drinks that they have every day. Aerated drinks, coffee with cream and sugar, and tea with sugar come with empty calories that help increase your weight at a high pace. Replacing such drinks with water will help you in losing weight. If you cannot resist tea or coffee, have them in fewer amounts and without sugar.

The main thing is keeping your eating habits in check. You should plan your meals and use smaller dishes. Replacing salty snack food with fresh fruits and vegetables will also be helpful. Salt helps in the retention of water in the body that leads to weight gain. When you bring fruits and vegetables home, cut them up and preserve them in a refrigerator. Instead of eating out, have them in smaller portions when you feel hungry. It is not that you cannot have potato chips. You can have them in smaller amounts. It is important that you do not eat for the sake of eating but for health. You must enjoy every bite of your food. It is advisable that you have your meal over good conversation instead of having it with watching television or chatting on the phone. These are some ways that will help you lose your obesity.

Although the portion control is effective, studies do claim that controlled way of eating leads to starvation. This makes a person binge on food later. Starvation slows down your metabolism and serves as a barrier in your way of losing weight. The healthy guideline for portion control entertains the concept of set and specific number of servings of each food group per day. However, experts in nutrition claim that we should consider a system of ratios for it instead. It should consider the height and weight of a person and then decide the amount of servings. It is advisable that you consult the dietitian before following the portion control method for better results.

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