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Pool Fitness Sprints: The Perfect Interval Training Routine

Posted Feb 22 2010 3:39pm

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Have you ever done your cardio interval training routines in a pool? If you think that cardio is boring – you’re right it is. Pool sprints are definitely not boring though. I can assure you of that!

If not, you’re missing out on a great workout that gets your heart rate up, gets a sweat on and has a lot less overall impact on your body.

Why is it less impact? Well, for starters you are in water so the water absorbs the impact on your joints. So this is perfect if you are recovering from certain injuries (of course get your physios okay before you try) or for those who have athritis or whatever that stops you from running or jumping activities.

Pool sprints is also a great workout if you are feeling sore and sorry for yourself after some big workouts.

The water works great for getting some of that muscle soreness out of your body.

And that’s how I was feeling when I woke up on Sunday morning. No, not hungover, but feeling sore after some big workouts during the week.

Maybe I’m getting older or maybe I’m just cranking up the intensity on my own workouts. I’ll choose the later…

So I headed to the local pool and stayed at the shallow end (waist deep water is ideal for pool sprints) and had my stopwatch ready for some interval training routines.

First up I did my favourite tabata set which means 20 seconds of flat out sprinting followed by 10 seconds of getting my breath back recovery time.

I did this 8 times for 4 total minutes followed by 1 minute of rest where I walked up and down the pool for recovery. I then did another 4 minute set.

Now 4 minutes may not seem like a lot of time. That’s until you try tabatas because once you do 2 lots of tabatas you are feeling smashed.

But I wasn’t done.

I backed up after another rest of just over 1 minute and did an interval set of 30 seconds of pool sprints and 30 seconds of recovery. I did this 10 times for 10 minutes of heart raising action.

By the end of that 20 minutes I was done and dusted!

You can see a video demonstration of how to do the pool sprints below. The intervals in the video are a bit different but you can do either for a fantastic pool fitness workout.

And you know the best thing about a pool fitness session? When you’re all hot and buggered at the end of it you just dunk yourself under the water to cool down and feel better!

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