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PoiNtS aRe BaCk! :)

Posted Oct 13 2009 10:05pm
I have a huge smile. I kicked booty with points yesterday! And I feel fantastic, because I ran for 45 min... it's good to be back into it! Points challenges totally motivate me!

Also, I started my new job. Did I elaborate a couple weeks ago? Can't remember. Anyway, I am temporarily taking over Tuckshop Convenor position at my kid's school for 1/2 this term while the main convenor is away. Let me interperet:
Tuckshop = Lunchroom
Convenor = Coordinator/Manager

Very different from the school lunches at an American school. We pick about 1/2 of the food from the school garden, all food is healthy and homemade - BY ME actually, well for 5 weeks. I'm so excited! I love cooking, gardening, and always enjoyed volunteering and now I'm getting paid to do it! I have coordinated with a few other mum's to watch Gracie (my 2 yr old) on Fridays, which is the ONLY day Tuckshop serves food - YES that means that parents are all responsable for packing lunches 4-5 days per week! Hard to beleive, but thank goodness! I HATED school lunches, but pretty much didn't have a choice. Thinking back, I'm pretty sure school lunches had a big role in why I was overweight at 8-12 years old. If I was back in America, I would make my kids pack lunches to school. Just my opinion. I even remember eating bean burritos from the In-house (inside the school lunch room) Taco Bell in MIDDLE SCHOOL! mmmm, actually that's sounding really yummy :) But oh so wrong! There was pizza hut too (too expensive) and I'm sure some other chain... can't remember.

Part of my plan is to run (literally) up to the school (maybe 20 min) on Th am to prep things before Johnny (DH) goes to work, back home by 7:30am - that means getting up at 5am! It is so good to have an excuse to wake up early because for 2 weeks I have NOT been able to find the will power to do it just for running.

The sun rises at 5:20am this week, so it's light before 5. It gets worse, earliest sunrise I think is 4am or so... Why? No daylight savings time here... it's just in Queensland (the state I live in) and the other states say we're retarded and backwards - joking that we're afraid that the curtains will fade and it would confuse the cows. LOL yeah... umm... uh huh

Anyway, here is my Points Log I will update through the week:

Water - 15 pts for 8 oz - Completed:945 pts
T - 120 pts
W - 150 pts
Th - 165 pts
F - 120 pts
S - 120 pts
S - 120 pts
M - 150 pts

Multivitamins - 10 pts/day Completed:50 pts

Food - 1700 cal/day 25 pts Completed:100 pts

Exercise - 25 pts for 30 min- Completed:225 pts
T - 95 min, 75 pts
W - 60 min, 50 pts
Th - 20 min,
F - 60 min, 50 pts
S - 25 min, 25 pts (th & s)
S - 0
M - 30 min, 25 pts

Sleep - 6 hrs 10 pts - 7 hrs 15 pts - 8 hrs 20 pts - Completed:115 pts

Blogging - 25 pts/day - Completed:100pts

Team Support - 50 pts total - Completed:50 pts

Holiday Prep - 50 pts total - Completed:50 pts

Hair Cut/foils on Saturday - Completed:50 pts

TOTAL:1685 pts
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